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Commercial Tube Heater

Commercial / Industrial Heating

Not all commercial or industrial buildings are the same. A lot of times the business consists of workshops, garages and warehouses that you just can't heat in the winter like you can an office or a home. With big doors, little or no insulation and large amounts of space, you need a forced air or radiant option that can keep your employees working in those areas warm.

Professional Heating and Air Conditioning can provide you with options for your workspace. With an estimate we can determine just how much heating (BTU’s) you're going to need to keep the workspace tolerable. Let's look at a few of these products, so you can have a better idea of what commercial/industrial heating consists of.

Reznor Unit Heater

Unit Heaters

A commercial unit heater is a very common solution to heating a shop, garage or warehouse. Unit heaters are a ceiling mounted forced air system that will blow out and heat the commercial space. These are available in both gas and electrical options, with gas/propane options being the most preferred. Commercial unit heaters vary in size to best suit the space that they need to heat. Compared to other commercial solutions, unit heaters are the more affordable options for most companies.

Minisplt System

Mini-split Heat Pump

For a smaller commercial space or garage, a ductless solution may be a better fit. For this we would recommend a mini-split system. This mounts on the wall, with the condenser for the unit located outside. Mini-splits are typically used for air conditioning and cooling. A heat pump system supplies heating for that space in the winter. These systems also vary in size and performance, but could be an ideal solution for a work area for all seasons.

High Intensity Radiant Heater

High Intensity / Radiant Heaters

If you have medium to high ceilings and a not so big work space, a high intensity radiant heater may be a better fit for you. These are also called infrared heaters. They come in both gas and electric options. While these do not blow out warm air, they do radiate the area with heat. This warms the work area as, well as workbenches or floors that are directly under its path. The disadvantage to a radiant heater is that it doesn’t cover too much area, if you need to heat a larger commercial space.

Tube Heaters

For those with low to medium ceilings in a larger workspace, a tube heating solution is probably your best option. Tube heaters are a closed in radiant heater that can run the length of your shop or warehouse. Tube heaters also come with a pressure fan that uniformly heats more open area more efficiently than forced air options. It is also ideal for dirty, dusty and negative air situations. Clean air can be ducted in from the outside. The equipment and combustion is sealed inside the tube heater safely protected from particulates. While this is the best solution for a lot of situations, it is not the most cost effective to install. Best to check with us for an estimate and recommendation on a solution.

Commercial Tube Heating System

When it gets cold in the wintertime, you want to keep your shop, warehouse, garage and most importantly yourself or your employees warm. Let Professional Heating help with one of these commercial solutions. We can come and walk your building and make recommendations based on the space involved and what would take to heat. Call to schedule and estimate today (810) 785-3007.