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Furnace Filters

Changing a Furnace Filter

One of the basic and most fundamental points of furnace maintenance is to check and change your filter. When there is a problem with heating or with A/C one of the first things a technician will check is the status of a filter. At Professional Heating and A/C, we are happy to supply our customers with a change of air filters with a maintenance call. For those who are comfortable with changing their own filter, we have a variety of furnace filters available in our shop, or we can order in filters for you.

When Should You Change Your Filter?

Most furnaces use a standard 1" fiberglass panel filter. These can vary in dimensions based on the type of furnace and are usually available at most retail stores. It is recommended that you change this filter every 1-2 months, as it can get quite dirty rather quickly. In the Springtime, when there is more dust and pollen in the air, the filter can fill up fast! Also, if you are a pet owner, your filter will need to be changed more often. Sometimes, these filters can have a unique size, not available in stores. We can order these in for you from our HVAC supplier. With a 1” pleated filter, it is recommended to change once every Few Months.

New and higher efficiency furnaces can handle a thicker 4" pleated filter. The advantage to a 4" filter is that they take much less to maintain. Usually you will only have to change a 4" filter every 6-12 months, which can coincide with a regular tune-up from a Professional heating and A/C technician. If you are comfortable replacing your own furnace filter, we have an assortment of 4" filters at our location in Pleasant Grove.

4" Bryant Filters in Stock
4 Inch Furnace Filter 16 x 25 x 4 (approx.)
20 x 25 x 4 (approx.)
24 x 25 x 4 (approx.)

Is my Filter due for a Change?

If you can noticeably see dirt build-up on your filter, it is probably time for a change. Usually filters are white or a light yellow in color. If the color of your filter is grey, or even black, you'll want to change your filter.

Clean Filter Comparison
What a Clean Furnace Filter Looks Like What a Dirty Furnace Filter Looks Like
Clean Filter Dirty Filter

Call Us for a New Filter

If it's time for a new filter, just give us a call. We can check our stock and make sure we have what you need. You can also just swing by the shop and pick up a new filter if you are replacing a 4” filter in your Bryant System. (801) 785-3007.