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Our Service Area

When your system isn’t working right, our service technicians are happy to come out and assess the situation. Service calls are based and billed upon our technicians travel distance and our service area is Utah County and most of southern Salt Lake County. Whether it’s a little thing like a filter problem, or a bigger thing, like a leak in you’re a/c coil, our service technician can diagnose it for you with our basic flat service rate. Any/all labor and parts to fix the problem is in addition to this rate.

In some cases, your system may be in much worse shape. Our technician is happy to help you with making recommendations on how to fix your system and can even offer you a free estimate on what it would take to replace your existing broken equipment with an efficient new comfort system.

Utah County (15 min drive) - $69.00
Greater Utah / South SLC County (20 min drive) - $79.00
Area #3 - Salt Lake Area / Wasatch County (30 min drive) - $99.00

Other Service Calls

If for some reason you do not see your city or zip code listed, it still doesn't hurt to call. Let us know what is going on with your furnace or air conditioner and we will give you a fair price on coming out and fixing the problem. Our service number again is (801) 785-3007!