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Basement Finish & Other Residential Installs

Installing Flex Pipe in a Basement Finish

There are some projects you have around the house that you just need an HVAC professional installer to do. Especially when it comes to basement finishes, additions and remodels. Maybe you are looking to convert some of your power appliances to natural gas. This is also something we can help you with. No project is too big or small for Professional Heating and A/C. Estimates are free, and we'd be happy to advise you on what is needed for your upcoming expansion project or installation in your home. (801) 785-3007.

Basement Finishes

Most newer homes along the Wasatch Front come with an unfinished basement. The homeowner can do what they wish with the space, whether its additional rooms for an expanding family, a mother-in-law apartment, or even something more imaginative like home theater or game room. With this type of project, you will need to know how to heat the space in the winter. With a basement finish estimate, we can help to determine how many supply runs and vents are needed to maximize your system for that space. A common basement finish with a few heat runs can be completed in just a day by our experienced installers.

Gas Lines

Another residential service we are happy to provide is installation on natural gas lines in your home. Whether you are converting from electric to gas on your range, laundry, or adding a gas fire place, we are happy to provide this installation and connection for you. With open unfinished plans we can install this with traditional piping. With finished plans we use tracpipe, which is easier to fish in confined finished spaces.

Installing Vent Grille

Exhaust Ventilation & Dryer Vents

With a kitchen remodel or a bathroom addon you may need ventilation for your range or a bath fan. Professional Heating can install this ventilation for you. Sometimes the flue is straight up through the roof, while other times it may take a bit of flex duct to go out of the side of the home. We are also happy to run your dryer vents for a laundry addition.

Call to Schedule

If you are looking to finish your basement or need a gas line added, we are the company to call. Professional Heating and Air has been in business a long time and we have seen all sorts of jobs and provide a number of heating and ventilation services. We can tell you what it will take to complete the job. We are always honest and fair and as we said at the beginning, Bids / Estimates are Free! Give us a call today (801) 785-3007 to schedule your estimate today.