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Furnace Repairs

Professional Furnace Repair

Many of us have dealt with that cold morning in January. It's frosty, even snowy…and the furnace doesn't come up. Even after cranking up the thermostat, there's nothing. That's where we come in. The service professionals at Professional Heating and Air Conditioning are here to get you warm again! With a $69 service call our friendly, experienced and knowledgeable technician can diagnose and repair your furnace or heating system (additional fees are included for service calls outside of local service area, learn more).

When it comes to furnaces, there are many problems it can be. Some are simple, while others can be more difficult. We are dedicated to getting your furnace up running again for a fair price. This page will discuss some of the aspects of furnace repair and what you can expect from a Professional Heating service call.

Service Maintenance and Cleaning

Repairing Furnace

Sometimes the furnace kicks on but won't stay on. Or it is something like that. The furnace has safety features to keep it from having much more serious problems, like fires! And a lot of the times it is tripping because of the dust, dirt and buildup that has accumulated in the furnace. When this is the case, the repair is just a service maintenance and cleaning. Our technician will check your system and diagnose the problem first. They will then make the necessary adjustments and clean out all the parts of the furnace that need it. This is a relatively common repair to furnaces, and something that can be avoided with an annual tune-up to your system.

Parts and Furnace Repairs

More serious problems involve a part going bad or having a condensate buildup in your furnace. For that $69 service fee, our technician will diagnose and tell you what your problem is. We can replace the part that has gone bad including: circuit boards, ignitors, flame sensors, inducer motors and assembly, blower motors, pressure switch, gas valves and even secondary heat exchangers (in 90% efficient systems). Our technician will explain to you the problem and what repairs need to be made. These repairs and price are in addition to the service/diagnostic fee, but we pride ourselves in keeping the prices of HVAC repair fair for our customers.

Call the Professionals

So, when your furnace isn't kicking on and the temperature in the house isn't what it should be, schedule a service call with Professional Heating & A/C. (801) 785-3007. We will do our best to schedule you in as soon as we can to have one of our professional and experienced technicians come to your home or office and make the necessary furnace repairs. In an emergency, after-hours service calls are available. It all starts with making the call (801) 785-3007.